5 Favorite Things I Wrote in 2015


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Sorry for the wait, but, hey, here I am. Work-wise, 2015 was a year of transition for me. I left my job at Slate in February to start at New York Magazine — specifically Vulture. (That’s their site that reports on culture, fyi.) It’s nuts. In just two years, I’ve shot up the masthead at what feels to me like record pace. I’m now an associate editor, but this year I also turned 25, and so it feels like I might have that title for either awhile or not very long at all.

I say that for two reasons: 1. I enjoy my job. It drives me bonkers. It’d drive anyone who has to monitor Twitter more than they monitor their own pulse mad. Not to mention then having to turn said Twitter content into content. It’s a daily headache I’m genuinely excited to greet most mornings when my alarm jolts me awake and I sign onto Slack and get to writing. (That working from home life.) 2. I know I can’t do this forever. My mother’s from a generation who’ll work at a company for decades. I’ve worked at three different companies in three years, mostly by choice. Journalism, while still a great joy to lose myself in, no longer stimulates me creatively the way it did when I decided on it as my career in high school. (Stop making teens do that, ya’ll.)

I’ve been thinking about working at a record label. But who knows where the future will take me. I haven’t a clue. Until I do, why not reflect on the past year. (Here’s 2014’s reflection.) I did some challenging, honest, worthwhile work that I’d like to publicly declare my faves right here and now. But before I do, let me also add that I think I may retire this blog. I’ve outgrown it, both age-wise and professionally. I may transition it to Medium, or maybe tweak my Tumblr to be more than just music musings. Stay tuned.

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