Young Women Journos, Please Read Jill Abramson’s Cosmo Interview

Image via KLRU

Image via KLRU

[Update: Just to clarify, my thoughts shared below concerning any of my professional experiences do not pertain to any specific organization I’ve worked for—past or present. They only represent my collective experiences in media.]

I know I’ve neglected my blog recently and I’m hoping that, in the near future, that’ll change. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post explaining my absence.) Until then, though, I couldn’t not make the time to share this powerful interview Cosmopolitan published last night with the former New York Times editor, Jill Abramson. If, like me, you pay attention to the goings-on of the media world, you’ll remember Abramson was fired from her post at the Times in May. Since then, she hasn’t given an interview to any publication—though, to be clear, she hasn’t stayed silent.

But she’s now given her first interview since the firing and she gave it to Cosmopolitan, which will probably surprise some. But not me. Since Joanna Coles took over as EIC, the magazine has undergone some major changes—more political coverage, more longform, a decidedly stronger feminist perspective—and Abramson clearly noticed. It’s also not unsurprising that in the wake of everything that’s happened, she’d steer clear of the men in media who’ve scorned her and put trust in a publication that serves women, with a mostly female edit. staff. (For insight into Abramson’s mindset, see this tweet.)

Regardless of the reasoning behind her decision to sit down with Cosmo first, this is a poignant interview. For many reasons. But I’m specifically sharing her interview on my blog because, as a young woman in my first legitimate job in media, I found myself moved by some of her quotes. In the interview, she makes some shrewd observations about the truth of being a woman in a position of power in a man’s business. She also talks about rejection, pay disparity, and, of course, that infamous Politico story. But of all the things she said, nothing struck me more than this:

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