Professional Work:

Why Is TV’s ’90s Reboot Boom Ignoring All the Great Black Comedies of That Era?” | Vulture

Some of this may be due to difficulties licensing the material, but it’s hard to believe that’s the sole reason these shows have been overlooked. Their exclusion suggests to the generation who’ll likely grow up on Netflix that these shows did not matter in the first place.

Stromae Has Half a Billion Views and the Brains to Back It Up” | The Fader

The costumes, choreography, and vaudeville-style performances aside, Stromae’s music isn’t just for show. As with “Alors on Danse,” his songs, while layered with party rhythms rooted in Congolese rumba and “Gypsy Woman,” are also each a serious dissection of societal flaws.

White Men Don’t Catcall. They Harass in Other Ways” | Slate

 Men of color catcall vocally and visibly on the sidewalk because they have to—not that there’s ever excuse for harassment. They need the “Sexy!” and “Smile!” to create the illusion of dominance in shared public spaces that social constructs and institutional racism have never afforded them control over.

The Oral History of Pigeons and Planes” | Complex/Pigeons & Planes

Whether you’ve been with us from day one, discovered us after we started our Complex chapter, or found us for the first time today after seeing our sticker at a concert—this one’s for you. Told in words collected over the course of a month from the people closest to P&P’s heart, spanning from New York City to Chicago to Vancouver to Los Angeles, its story personifies the familial spirit that’s come to define this blog.

“‘I want people to feel like they’re reading a diary’: Sam Smith on In the Lonely Hour, Unrequited Love, and Being the Next Adele” | Complex/Pigeons & Planes

Thrown into the music business’ pressure cooker a year ago after a feature on Disclosure’s breakthrough single “Latch,” Smith remains far too swept up in the joys—small and large—of seeing his decade-long journey to stardom finally realized to let industry bullsh*t faze him.

Why 2013 Was a Terrible Year for Women in Hip-Hop“| Complex/Pigeons & Planes

2013 may as well have been 1903 with its hushed female presence in hip-hop culture. And when women’s presence wasn’t silent, it was oftentimes loudly embarrassing.

‘Lorde’s success lets us believe that it’s possible’: BROODS on Disclosure, Joel Little, and Their New EP” | Complex/Pigeons & Planes

Although some New Zealand artists might be intimidated by Lorde’s success and the pressure it puts on them, BROODS are wholly inspired by it.

How to Run a Successful Independent Record Store in 2013” | Complex/Pigeons & Planes

What allows Amoeba Music to survive even in frigid industry climates comes from the store founders’ lifelong dedication to sharing the music they love. There’s a clear face behind the big neon store-front name.

Grad School Work:

F**k Rick Ross Normalizing Rape Culture” | 20 Watts

But rape is the Voldemort of crime: no one ever protests the phrasing “he murdered her” or “she robbed him.” But “he raped her” just begs excuses and qualifiers.

SUxSW” | 20 Watts

He calls it SUxSW: a hybrid mixtape of SU’s finest musicians and the grassroots, DIY spirit of the SXSW Festival, which has become the go-to launchpad for music, film, and technology’s up-and-comers.

The Elevated Underground offers big sound in a small space on the Westside” | The NewsHouse

Christmas lights hang from the ceiling and patches of mismatched carpet squares line the part of the basement floor where dozens of musicians have performed since The Elevated Underground first opened its doors in October 2012.

To Make Music, New Symphony Needs to Raise Money” | Democracywise

To avoid the bankruptcy that killed the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, the newly formed Symphoria will have to grow a grassroots network of small donors, say experts on funding for the arts.

Mercy’ for the Sick Without Insurance” | Democracywise

At the Rahma Health Clinic on Syracuse’s South Side, the sick and ailing come by late every Wednesday and early every Saturday for help.

Common Council President: Robinson Seeks 2nd Term” | Democracywise

It is likely to take Syracuse residents just seconds to vote for Common Council president when they cast their ballots on Nov. 5.

The Calm Before” | Democracy In Action

Scarfing down the complimentary hot wings and frequenting the bar, Syracuse politicians and voters alike waited with the patient nervousness of a criminal on trial awaiting the jury’s verdict. Would it be a death sentence or a second chance?

Muscian’s flute aids preserving his culture and past” | The NewsHouse

After playing the harmonica in blues bars since the ‘80s, Benedict had a chance encounter with an old, beat-up flute at a friend’s home that sparked an instant love affair.

Smart Kids, Visual Stories” | Newhouse Website

The first thing the kids noticed was the glass. Walking through the halls of Newhouse 3 in the first year of their participation in the “Smart Kids, Visual Stories” project, students from local Syracuse city school Levy K-8 couldn’t fathom how the university felt so comfortable allowing so much exposed glass. In their school, the glass windows were covered with bars.

Undergrad Work:

Music, Meet Gaming” | JERK Magazine

Financially, crutches hold up the music industry. One more step backward and it’ll fall right into its own grave, buried alive. But consider this: one game could remedy the entire music business.

Profile: Andy Gruhin” | JERK Magazine

This self-proclaimed “brand new kind of singer-songwriter” is attempting to single-handedly save the dying genre before the end of his freshman year of college.


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