My Five Favorite Pieces I Wrote in 2014

We’re already four days into the new year, and so I figured it’s about time I revisited my blog—which I regrettably neglected for most of 2014. Last year was probably the most important year of my life to date. I’m now nearing 25 and it feels like, in 2014, I started to get a glimpse of what the rest of my life could look like. I got offered my first full-time job at Slate, moved into my first apartment in New York City, and adopted two kittens—among many other crucial life events. But that was just the beginning. And I’m confident I’ll evolve even further, both personally and professionally, in 2015.

But you can’t move forward without taking pause for the past. I usually reflect on the pieces I wrote over the past year on Twitter, but this year I thought I’d highlight a few here on my blog. These aren’t necessarily my best pieces or the ones that did “well,” in terms of click bait. But they’re each meaningful to me and represent the work I was most of proud of in 2014. So, here are my five favorite pieces from 2014 that I wrote:

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