#HearstMagFront: My Thoughts


Via People.com/Angela Pham

I know I said I’d stick to tweeting about media industry news, but I couldn’t contain my thoughts about this particular event to 140 characters so here we are. Two days ago Hearst Corporation, one of the leading magazine publishers, held what they branded as a “magazine Upfront.” Basically Hearst invited media buyers, advertisers, and current cover stars like  Vanessa Hudgens and Miranda Kerr (pictured above) to their NYC headquarters for a presentation on upcoming content. When I first heard the idea, I perceived it as some gimmicky scheme to attract new advertisers and try and one-up the competition. TV networks do their Upfronts for similar reasons. But I was thinking of it too simplistically; I just assumed it would be previews of next year’s big feature stories and a few cover teasers. Maybe one of the mags got a big exclusive on some high-profile trending story from this year and want to sell the corresponding ad pages ASAP. That completely misses the bigger picture, though, and rudely ignores all the steps Hearst Digital has taken over the last few months toward the future. For example:

So, here are three of the most exciting #HearstMagFront announcements:

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